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Bachir Gemayel - Walls Of War cassette

Bachir Gemayel - "Walls Of War"

hpig-032 - released January 2017

Long awaited release is finally unleashed! Waddiah Chami (Koufar / Disgust) summons forth scathing sheets of static and noise that go off like a forty-minute explosion. This stunner is worth the wait, two side-long tracks clocking in at 20 minutes each will teach you the meaning of resistance! Pro duplicated cassettes limited to 100, 50 on red, 50 on green. Includes download code.  
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Juhy - Grave Mistake cassette

Juhyo - "Grave Mistake"

hpig-031 - released October 2016

Two from the vault! "Grave Mistake" was originally performed across the US & Canada as Juhyo accompanied Bastard Noise on their "Rogue Astronaut" tour in 2007. "Buddhist Violence" was written for a Minneapolis show with Canadian power-violence heroes The Endless Blockade.

Both recordings have been waiting in the Juhyo archives to see the light of day - until now. Finally released as a double/split cassette release on Housepig and Hear More!, in celebration of Juhyo's 10th anniversary. Limited to 100 copies, (50 Housepig editions, 50 Hear More! editions), includes download code.  
Big Fist Johnny / Extreme Hair Stench split cdr

Big Fist Johnny / Extreme Hair Stench

hpig-030 - released March 2015

Extreme Hair Stench has been active for over 20 years, releasing a steady torrent of mangled noisecore to tortured ears worldwide. Big Fist Johnny features members of Capt. 3 Leg and Juhyo, with special dragged-out-of-retirement guest Jon Engman (Custodian, Foetopsy, Brodequin) on drums, featuring a cavalcade of silly song topics, broken bass strings and nearly inaudible drums due to severely mistaken recording decisions on Housepig's part. After massive audio massaging by Mortville Records head ape Andy, it's now noisy but listenable! Released in conjunction with the label SOARS and limited to 100 copies 
Aube - Variable Ambit

Aube - "Variable Ambit"

hpig-016 - released January 2011

This long-awaited disc finally sees the light day! Recovered from a now-defunct label, delayed for various reasons including a fake cd plant scam, Housepig is proud to present "Variable Ambit"! The master of single-source recording takes a simple starting point - feedback - and manipulates it into a rich tapestry of overlapping tones and textures. Eight tracks, 66 minutes. Pro CD in jewel case with full-color four-page booklet, limited to 300 copies.  
Olekranon - Bilal

Olekranon - "Bilal"

hpig-029 - released January 2011

Ryan Huber, main man behind Vopat and Bobcrane, puts on his Olekranon hat and fires off a dark and pulsing wall of layered beats, squalling guitar and unidentifiable sounds, melting into a sonic collision of noise rock and vintage industrial. Ten tracks, 42 minutes. Pro CD in jewel case with full-color four-page booklet, limited to 500 copies, co-released with Inam Records.  
Juhyo / Joshua Norton Cabal - Human Cargo

Juhyo / Joshua Norton Cabal - "Human Cargo"

hpig-026 - released April 2010

Juhyo teams up with Joshua Norton Cabal (Andrew Nolan of The Endless Blocakade) for a two-pronged investigation into the world of human trafficking and modern slavery. Pro CD in jewel case with full-color four-page booklet, limited to 500 copies. 
slMakita "Cleveland, Ohio"

slMakita - "Cleveland, Ohio"

hpig-024 - released February 2010

Steve Makita has been immersed in noise for nearly two decades. From the power violence attack of Apartment 213, to the organic power-tool assault of Lockweld, to lending noise to terrorizers like Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Fistula, he has steadily honed his approach while expanding his range. Now, with his solo concern slMakita, he joins the Housepig family and brings forth a tightly focused slab of experimental sound. Finding inspiration in his unabashed love for the legendary Nurse With Wound, he bypasses imitation and instead immerses the listener in an open-ended sound space where grinders duet with piano, pitted metal meets the fragile voice, all enveloped in the resonance of a decayed environment. A most extraordinary work inspired by a most mundane locale... "Cleveland, Ohio" is packaged in a standard jewel case with full-color four-page booklet, and is limited to 300 copies.
Bastard Noise & Chirstian Renou

The Bastard Noise & Christian Renou - "Brainstorming II"

hpig-020 - released December 2009

"Christian Renou really should not need an introduction. The French master of detail has been cranking out releases under the name Brume since the mid-1980's. On "Brainstorming II" The Bastard Noise and Renou prove once again they are capable of creating some of the most haunting and progressive collaborations beheld. Renou brings unnerving rhythms + unsettling concrete sound; Wood fuses insect with cruel-tech; both exponentially more than the sum of their parts. "Brainstorming II" is startling in it's beauty, fascinating in it's discomfort, spacious and intense. Housepig is blessed to deliver sounds of such advanced design." - Kopish 9/9/09
This cd is presented in standard jewel case with 4-panel color booklet.
Bastard Noise & Golem Gross

The Bastard Noise & Golem Gross - "Universe of Dishonor"

hpig-019 - released December 2009

"In 2002, Golem Gross was an unknown "Skull Ally" in Brooklyn who displayed a strong sense of composition, gentle restraint & an arsenal of malfunctioning audio. "Universe of Dishonor" transports the listener to an intergalactic incubus wherein Abrupt Millipede Feeding and Stegosaurus Wars are apt titles. Abysmal canyons, absolutely blunt lyrical style & episodes of severly destructive battle make "Universe of Dishonor" a dynamic, possessed & grievous opus paying tribute to the colossal failures of man. Rather than 'just another CD' in the discography, "Universe of Dishonor" shines as a high point in a long career of dedication to premium audio display." - Kopish 9/9/09
This cd is presented in standard jewel case with 4-panel color booklet.
Kawabata Makoto - Tales of the Dream Planet

Kawabata Makoto - "Tales of The Dream Planet"

hpig-015 - released April 2009

 The mastermind behind Acid Mothers Temple (and a zillion other projects) parked his spaceship long enough to fish this cd out of his beard and give it Housepig, before closing the hatch and rocketing back into the stratosphere. What he brought back from the Dream Planet is two tracks of long, overlapping guitar drones; glacially melodic, meditative and a touch otherworldly. Curl up in your favorite dashiki, let your hair hang down, fire up some incense (or anything else) and let Kawabata spin you a tale! This cd is presented in a dvd-style clear poly case with full-color four-panel jacket, and is limited to 500 copies.
Malachi & Bastard Noise - The Immortals

Malachi / The Bastard Noise - "The Immortals"

hpig-021 - released January 2009

Three labels, two bands, one crushing release! Each group contributes two tracks, alternating between doom-laden hardcore and deep space sonic experimentation. Malachi (featuring members of Artimus Pyle, What Happens Next? and Fuck Face) brings together a mix of crusty hardcore and unstoppable doom, all shot through with mournful cello melody. The Bastard Noise lineup of Wood, Nelson and Rauf (also responsible for the critically-lauded "Rogue Astronuat" cd) come forth with their signature oscillator-based transmissions from the void, isolated communications from beyond Alpha Centauri. This split release is brought to you by Housepig, Hear More! and 200mg, in a heavy poly sleeve with a unique shifting-color six-panel insert by Thumbprint Press.
Vennt - Vennt

Vennt - "Vennt"

hpig-017 - released June 2008

A three-way summit on bleak doom and buzzing misery. Sandy Saunders (Torso), Darcy Spidle (Divorce Records) and Jordan Hines mix drums, bass, electronics and vocals into a thick morass. Vennt stakes out territory at the intersection of black metal, drone, doom and power electronics, then fortifies the barricades. US Edition, co-released with Hear More!, features a copper cover with insert in a heavy poly sleeve, and is hand-numbered and limited to 400 copies.
Kelly Churko - The Confusion

Kelly Churko - "The Confusion"

hpig-014 - released October 2007

Hospital and Lethal Firetrap member Kelly Churko steps out solo with The Confusion. Chirping synth squeals give way to mechanized chatter that yeilds to seismic drone and back again, into ultimate showers of noise. Atmospheric and intense, Churko delivers a composed and dynamic suite of sound. Packaged in printed envelope with full color 6-page booklet. Limited to 300 copies.  very few copies left!
Various Artists - Six Doors

v/a - "Six Doors"

hpig-002 - released February 2006

"Six Doors" features six fantastic tracks ranging from the single-source sorcery of AUBE, the caveman electronics of BASTARD NOISE, guitar versus electronics dronework from GUILTY CONNECTOR & TABATA, submerged synths from LUASA RAELON, lonesome Rhodes from UNICORN, and dank atmospheric creepout from OBLONG BOX.

Six tracks and 71 minutes,


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